Chero Energy Wind Farm


“Chero Consulting” continues to work to harness the potential of wind energy.

“Chero Consulting” has founded the company “Chero Energy”, which is currently actively working on the renewable energy project “Chero Energy Wind Farm”. Following previous research, the optimal design area for the construction of the wind farm, namely, in Gori Municipality, to the east of the “Ruisi Wind Farm”, adjacent to the Kvemo Sahvshvebi and Natsreti, was selected.

The installed capacity will be 50 MW. The annual generated energy is about 230 million kWh and the maximal investment amount is 55 million USD. The mentioned wind power plant will be built in compliance with all the relevant Georgian and international standards. The suspected construction period of the wind power plant is about 24 months and the connection to the grid is expected by January of 2025.