About us

Team of professionals creates a space for your business growth, development and prosperity. We will boost, facilitate and support you to deal with daunting obstacles and various entanglements of activity in order to end up with right-minded and profitable decisions for your business;

 Our company “Chero Consulting “was founded in 2006 and it represents as a lobbistic, consulting company having full continuum of capabilities. The company has been professionally fulfilling its undertaken obligations over the years and proposing to each customer a high-quality service and advantageous terms and conditions.



Our priorities

  •  Individual approach to customers
  •  Professional competency
  •  Highly responsible team
  •  Flexibility and creativity
  •  Long-term oriented collaboration with partner companies



Our guideline principles

  •  Maintain steady professional ethics
  •  High-grade of fulfilled assignment and activity
  •  Implementation of undertaken engagement fair and square
  •  Strait-laced protection of commercial classified information


Peculiarly, professional standard implies customer-specific working on any issue that has utmost importance in order to finalize with advance achievements and desired final success.  
Our aspiration is to utilize  our  longstanding  know-how and  knowledge, and the all-rounded  skills that we had accumulated  in various fields over the years, to use them  for  the interests of community members and  to become us the  partner  of their success and headway.