15 июля, 2019

Ruisi Wind Farm

Name: Ruisi Wind Farm
Location: Kareli Municipality, Ruisi region
Projected Installed Capasity: 12.6 MW
Projected Annual Production: 63 GWH
Estimated Investment: 15,000,000 USD

28 мая, 2019

Batumi Bypass Road

Respective road is running through tourist zone and residential area thus creates a problem to international transit transport, which has to move in narrow streets. A large number of

20 февраля, 2019

Mr. Dimitri Kumsishvili met with companies working in the mineral resources sector

The First Vice Prime Minister highlighted that regulations related to the mining sector is among the priorities of the Georgian Government.  The First Vice Prime Minister Dimitry Ku

23 марта, 0207

The Prime Minister Kvirikashvili talks about launching process of Khevi-Ubisa-Shorapani-Argveta 4-line road design

Under the decree of Roads Department of Georgia the alternative corridor plan has already been elaborated which envisages the construction of four-lane road in valley by the support